Feel butterflies when I’m in your hands
You can turn the pavement into white sand
You can make a moment, a memory in a glance
And I can’t believe in anyone else
And everybody’s talking
You’re always shining
You never stop glistening baby

An argument for consciousness
The instinct of the blind insect
Who makes love to the flower bed
And dies in the first freeze
Oh I want to learn such simple things
No politics, no history
Till what I want and what I need
Can finally be the same

I just got myself to blame
Leave everything up to fate
When there’s choices I could make
When there’s choices I could make
And now my heart needs a polygraph
Always so eager to pack my bags
When I really wanna stay

If you walk away, I’ll walk away
First tell me which road you will take
I don’t want to risk our paths crossing some day
So you walk that way, I’ll walk this way